What for YSRCP’s “Samaikya Shankharavam”?

Posted : October 1, 2013 at 7:16 am IST by ManaTelugu

YSRCP has planned to conduct a large gathering in Hyderabad in the name of “Samaikya Shankaravam” on October 19th. It’s different from last month APNGOs “Save Andhra Pradesh”.  Save AP was non-political gathering where as “Samaikya Shankharavam” will be purely linked to politics. More city people who are from SA residing at HYD have voluntarily participated in HYD. The success of YSRCP political meeting will depends on how much people in HYD will co-operate to YSRCP.

People in SA have already doubts on YSRCP’s commitment after the failure of resignation drama. APNGOs warned those who seek for resignations are consider culprits to the SA agitation. YSRCP’s resignations ploy boomerangs after receiving objections from all corners. SA Congress and TDP leaders blamed that there is match-fixing between Congress and YSRCP. How one political party can evacuates it’self from one region for United Andhra? They blamed that YSRCP wants for division in the name of United.

What’s the intention of this meeting? So far, no political party backed with this agitation in SA. Jagan wants to take over the ownership SA agitation completely from APNGOs. TRS leaders and Nagam warns that this meeting shouldn’t allow conducting. T-JAC and TRS regrets for getting the success of “save AP”. Analysts predict that there may be chance of erupting violence in YSRCP meeting.