YSRCP’s public apology

Posted : September 24, 2012 at 8:26 am IST by ManaTelugu

Parties find new ways to gain media attention and in the present list of political parties, YSRCP is known for its creative and innovative approach in various protests taking up public issues and cornering the ruling Cong Govt. Wonder who is behind their innovative protests but they are getting immense media attention in the process. Many say it is Jagan who is coming out with all these master strategies and guiding his party leaders and his mother Vijayamma.
Recently all the leaders of YSRCP in front of the assembly held a press conference and tendered public apology for not able to raise issues of public importance due to non functioning of assembly session. They held their rivals mainly ruling Congress and opposition TDP for not allowing assembly to function properly. Most of the assembly session was washed out due to TRS demanding passing of resolution in favor of Telangana.
YSRCP leaders read out statistics on how each and every party raised public problems and how its rivals took assembly and public for a ride wasting precious assembly session. Their form of protests has all the trade mark of Jagan and he is the one who started ‘Odarpu Yatra’ which is now followed by Chandra Babu with ‘Meekosam Vastunna’. Whenever Jagan used to announce some kind of protest, Chandra Babu used to do protest on the same issue a day prior to Jagan’s protest. This shows that YSRP is becoming trendsetter in public protests.