YSRCP out to wipe out Cong

Posted : October 4, 2012 at 7:16 am IST by ManaTelugu

Telangana state formation and T-March is the most covered news in media these days but YSRCP is silently on its mission to wipe out Cong following Jagan’s orders from Chanchalguda jail. Had he been out Jagan could have by this time completed most of the work but his lieutenants are no way inferior to him. According to insiders the party is currently concentrating on Hyderabad which is of strategic importance to any party.
Already a corporater from Cong party Adam Vijay Kumar jointed YSRCP and became Greater Hyderabad’s party president. More recently Cong corporators Suryanarayana, Harivardhan Reddy and Dhanpalreddy joined YSRCP.Cong High command unable to digest this outflow of corporators from its party to YSRCP, took steps and tried to assuage their feelings. However it can not stop the outflow.More recently a woman corporator decided to join TRS.
With Cong leaders getting signals that assembly elections may come any moment due to the present situation in state and center are making their own arrangements for their political future. With predictions pointing to YSRCP’s strong wave all are looking at it as an alternative. A Minister from Hyderabad is analyzing the situation in his constituency and his victory chances in another constituency. Realising that most of his colleagues, party workers and other ministers are already in YSRCP from the same constituency, he is looking for relocation. So he is getting in touch with Jagan making his friends, relatives to meet him in hail. But he feels since MIM is strong in that area, even if he joins YSRCP he may not be in position to win.
But with reports coming from MIM that even they wont be siding with Cong, he is now happy and is eager to join YSRCP. So writing is on wall for Cong.