YSRC not supporting Telangana and state bifurcation.

Posted : July 9, 2013 at 5:22 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The YSR Congress appears to be surreptitiously blocking the state division. The resignations of Srikant Reddy and Srinivasulu, party’s MLAs and close confidents of the party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy is indicative of the stand. Party senior leader M V Mysoora Reddy’s statement has sufficiently confirmed the doubts that the YSR Congress was not willing to lose its base in the Seemandhra region by totally supporting the state division. It wants to remain mysterious on its stand about the state division.

When media questioned Mysoora Reddy about the resignation of the two MLAs, he said there was nothing wrong in their taking such a decision. While claiming that he was not aware of the resignations, Mysoora also expressed innocence about the circumstances leading to their resignations. He however said that there was no change in the party’s stand on Telangana. He affirmed that the party was committed to the resolution it passed in the Idupulapaya plenary.

The stand taken by the party itself is ambiguous. It said the party respected the sentiments of the people of Telangana and expect the centre to act.

Mysoora also said that Telangana was an issue in the purview of the centre and it was for the union government to take a decision. When asked about the party’s stand on Telangana, he questioned why they should state their stand before the ruling Congress stated it. When asked about the resignation of the party’s MLAs, Mysoora said they were protesting as citizens. He did not even consider that as violation of discipline. When asked if their resignations did not amount to violation of the party discipline, Mysoora said only talking ill about the party, amounted to violation of the party discipline. He also pointed at the resignation of Congress and TDP leaders and asked the media to go and question them also.

The ambiguous stand of the party is clearly indicative that it wants to give a signal to the Seemandhra leaders and voters that it was not supporting Telangana and state bifurcation.