YSRC leads party with out Jagan

Posted : May 18, 2013 at 11:29 pm IST by ManaTelugu
There was an unanimous opinion in the extended meeting of the YSR Congress chaired by Y S Vijayamma on Friday that they should not wait for Y S Jaganmohan Reddy to come out and lead the party.

Several senior leaders said that it was not wise to keep the party in a dormant state waiting for Jagan to come out and set things right. Leaders expressed the view that Jagan might not be allowed to come out till the elections, due to political reasons. Several leaders expressed the view that if they wait till Jagan’s release, the party as well as individual leaders would be disadvantaged politically.

The party leaders were enthused with the presence of MP Mekapati Raja Mohan and Konda Surekha who have been keeping off party activities. It is learnt that both Jagan and Vijayamma assured Mekapati and Konda that they would have full freedom in running the parties in their respective districts.

Raja Mohan Reddy told the party men that there was need for preparing for the local body elections. Vijayamma also stressed on the need to strengthen the party without waiting for Jagan’s release.

It appeared that Vijayamma and other senior leaders have come to the conclusion it would be a long drawn legal fight for Jagan and expressed an understanding that Jagan might not come out till the elections. Some expressed doubts that even if Jagan got bail, CBI would foist some other case and try to send him in, to make him ineffective. Strong suspicions were expressed in the meeting that all the cases were to politically neutralize Jagan.

The meeting decided to undertake membership enrolment vigorously and complete it at the earliest and prepare the party for the local body elections.