Y.S.Jagan and Nagarjuna

Posted : December 1, 2012 at 6:48 am IST by ManaTelugu
Nagarjuna is called as a gentle man in the industry. Now there is a rumor around film and political circles about a deal he made with a political party. Coming to the details, Nagarjuna demanded a package of few crores for the campaigning of YSR CP for the next elections when the party asked him to do. This news is creating waves across. It was an open secret that YSR helped Akkineni family in the case of seven acres of disputed land in Annapurna studio. Now it is Jagan who thought of asking a favor in return to this help, approached Nagarjuna to be the center of attraction in campaigning for the YSR CP party. But it is heard that Nagarjuna demanded a package of money to do so. To add more to this, even Jagan went mad at Nagarjuna for asking money.
But people who know Nagarjuna well are saying, Nag is a gentle man, he doesn’t need to do all this.