Yoga Business of heroine closed!

Posted : January 23, 2014 at 6:45 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Craziest things don’t stand for a long time and same thing happened to ‘Power Yoga’ now. Beautiful lady Bhumika used to run this yoga business for a while as her husband is a pioneer in it. But situation turned worse now.

According the information we have, yoga business of her husband, yoga guru Bharat Takur, in which she too takes part majorly has getting shutters down here in Hyderabad. Bharat used to have a big list of clientele in the city, but now it has slimmed down Actress like Ileana and Anushka who got riveting shapes due to his power-yoga used to make rich youths knock on Bharat’s doors. And after Bhumika’s entry, the couple used to run this ‘yoga’ show together. But that business is not bringing golden bucks for them anymore.

Some say, with more and more power yoga teachers mushrooming in the city and many training DVDs available on internet, people are not getting ready to meet Bhumika and Bharat Takur’s yoga ashram. That’s the story folks!