Why ‘Yevadu’ drawing crowds, but not ‘1’?

Posted : January 15, 2014 at 1:42 pm IST by ManaTelugu

The success or failure of a film depends on so many factors, which includes good story, star cast, direction, technical stuff so on and so forth. But talking of South Indian film Industry especially Tollywood heroes play the pivotal part and most of the times the film runs only because of a particular hero being a part of it regardless of how good the script is.

And this sometimes makes many of us wonder if the audience’ sensibilities have ever changed or have they actually matured that no filmmaker can take them for granted.

The recent releases Yevadu and One Nenokkadine have in fact made us stare at this question. Ram Charan’s Yevadu clearly seems to have drawn inspiration from the Hollywood flick Face Off, which is actually been rated below average by film critics but the film has already celebrated the grand success and the theaters are running houseful here in Andhra!

While Mahesh Babu’s One Nenokkadine is a psychological thriller with amazing performances, technical brilliance and fantastic direction, and it surprisingly has not got such a blistering start. Although celebrities and film analysts have rated One Nenokkadine as Mahesh’s best performance so far!

Sad but true; the general public can be easily satiated with any masala flick, a little of action, song and dance, exposure, glamour, few punchy dialogues and of course mindless toilet humor even if it does not fit into the script will go on to become a blockbuster. The audience still has a long way to go in accepting this transitional phase in the industry. And if this change at the audience’s end fails to process further in the near future then get set to be fed with some more gibberish!