Women’s clothes in Sallu’s bag!!

Posted : December 19, 2012 at 10:07 am IST by ManaTelugu
Salman Khan’s bag had got exchanged with that of a woman at the Hyderabad airport. One of his female fellow passengers travelling in the Mumbai-Hyderabad flight, mistakenly took Salman Khan’s bag, leaving behind her own bag on the conveyer belt. Salman Khan’s team also confused the bag to be Salman’s and opened it to find out women clothing in the bag. In this confusion, the team went about trying to locate the lady and Salman Khan’s luggage. But the lady had already left the premises and so they were unable to trace her.

So they informed the airport authorities about this glitch who were very cordial and helpful. They traced the lady on the basis of the contact details which was found by the airport authorities in the lady’s bag only. She was immediately contacted and asked to come back to the airport while informing her about the whole confusion which had taken place. It took for her a couple of hours to reach the airport and deliver the bag to Salman Khan’s team. The team found all of Salman’s clothes intact in the bag.

Salman Khan was going to Hyderabad to perform at the Hiltex ground. A close source revealed that when the team narrated the incident to Salman Khan, he could not control his laughter.