Will voters trust another star-turned-politician ?

Posted : February 12, 2014 at 9:03 pm IST by ManaTelugu

pawanIts normal for actors after attaining super stardom to show interest in politics in the name of rendering service to society but how different and successful can Pawan be than his brother Chiranjeevi and raises many a eyebrow among fans and common people. May be, die-hard fans could be voting for Pawan, but common people and youngsters may not blindly trust another star-turned-politician, kind of once-bitten twice shy, theory.

Frankly, speaking, Chiranjeevi has done more service than Pawan, before stepping into politics by extending financial help to hundreds of poor students, to pursue their basic and higher education and even his eye and blood bank received appreciation from Abdul Kalam, whereas Pawan established a helping society with 2 crore fund and announced that anyone who needs help can just dial up a particular number, but after few days, the land line went dead, since numerous callers demanded ‘financial help’, which the actor couldn’t afford.

However, Chiranjeevi lost his sheen after merging his party with corrupt Congress and also state-bifuration almost ended his political career after 5 year, doubting the longevity of star-turned-politicians( except for NTR, other stars like Krishna, Krishnam Raju and others had a shorter inninigs ) So, Pawan needs to work doubly hard to win the confidence of the voters with some realistic policies, that are different from existing parties and also establish his unique identity among the giant politicians like Chandrababu Naidu, Jagan  Mohan Reddy etc And also he means ‘business’ and is in politics not just for ‘power’  but to deliver ‘justice’ to deprived sections’ and will not compromise like his brother.

Even though, no one could question Pawan’s integrity and commitment, but definitely his temperament would be tested in the field of politics, since rivals could try to provoke him since he is known to react emotionally. He also needs the guidance from upright politicians like Jayaprakash Narayan and Kejriwal for framing good policies, otherwise another charimistic star’s political aspiration will seen with suspicion. Or will become another NTR and rule political arena, but are voters ready for another experiment.

Both became top stars, since Chiru couldn’t make it to the both are different only in few issues. Even before stepping into politics, Chiranjeevi was known to helped hundreds of poor students.