Will Pawan make reentry into politics?

Posted : August 1, 2013 at 1:59 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Power Star Pawan Kalyan charisma, his awareness towards society, his aggressive nature to bring much required change to take AP forward and his blood share Chiru putting PRP party brought many hopes in common people. But PRP party not getting enough seats and its merge in Congress has changed the things up and down leading Pawan to get back to films.

But now with separate Telangana state formations, protests, welcome of separation has changed the equations and Pawan’s who know him close asked him his thoughts to join politics again. Hear what are Pawan’s thoughts about politics now folks from our reliable sources.

“I am upset with the ugly side of politics, all I care is to help needy people with all the limitations and boundaries which I possess. There are many celebs like my brother Chiru, Rajinikanth, who works for bright society, giving opportunity to talented people, doing secret donations and many more. It doesn’t mean only if you’re in politics will get to help people. I will work off-politics, but for now my first priority is film may be in future I will land in politics but not very sure when & how “

So there is more time to see Pawan Kalyan in action into politics and any rumors coming about Pawan reentry into politics or joining into politics are not true.