Will Pawan And Mahesh Really Bother?

Posted : September 6, 2014 at 1:46 am IST by ManaTelugu


There is a limit for using the fame of others to promote our productions. But Pawan Kalyan became a golden duck for anyone in Tollywood, as many heroes using his name on silver screen. Joining this league, even Mahesh Babu’s  name is often getting heard. Here comes a movie that features both.

An upcoming movie ‘Kiraak’ is making best of Pawan and Mahesh as it got many scenes of these two actors re-performed by hero and heroine. In fact, hero’s character is a die-hard Pawan fan, while heroine is hardcore Mahesh fan. And recently ‘Kiraak’ team has come up with a promotional video too. This video looks much pathetic because it shows two people wearing our numero uno stars masks and worrying about the image being misused by ‘Kiraak’. Incarnating Pawan and Mahesh, they tried to create fun, but missed it by 100 miles.

Also in real life, Pawan and Mahesh never really bother about anyone using their image. But portraying them this way is not really winning hearts of fans. They are not irritated but they are also not excited. That’s the story.