Will NTR settles many more accounts on 27th Sep.

Posted : May 21, 2013 at 6:23 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Harish Shankar is an expert in elevating the real off screen character of his heroes on screen by mixing some knack dialogue punches. It was earlier seen in ‘Gabbar Singh’ when Pawan Kalyan says, ‘Nenu Trend Follow Avanu Set Chesthanu’ or ‘Naakkonchem Thikkundi Daaniko Lekkundi’ or ‘Naaku Nene Potee…Naathoni Naake Potee.’ Now, Harish is repeating the same technique even for Jr NTR and the teaser dialogue in ‘ramayya vastavayya’ says it all.

Yes, the powerful punch of ‘Buddodu’ and ‘Guddaloodadesi Kodatha’ as seen in yesterday’s teaser is opined to have some sort of indirect attack on a section of media and anti Fans who made fun of Tarak some time ago telecasting programs with the names of ‘Pilla Kaaki’ and repeatedly addressing him as ‘Buddodu.’ At that time, Harish got the idea of cashing on the situation and the dialogue we see today is a repercussion of what happened on those days. Hopefully, NTR settles many more accounts once ‘ramayya vastavayya’ hits the screens on Sep 27th.