Will NTR open his mouth?

Posted : September 21, 2013 at 7:50 am IST by ManaTelugu

While stage is all set for the grand gala audio launch of NTR’s upcoming film Ramayya Vastavayya tonight, there is a lot of buzz doing rounds. Of course, all eyes of media are on lead actor NTR who has been shying away from press for a while.

So, the big question is will NTR open his mouth on speculations and rumours surrounding him and Nandamuri clan during the audio launch? Will he break his silence on ongoing political unrest in state and his stand over bifurcation of state? How does he going to response to the flak from Telangana activists who threatened to halt the screenings of his film after his father Nandamuri Harikrishna taken a stand against to bifurcation of state. Will he say anything on why did he skip the wedding of Nandamuri Tejeswini (daughter of Balakrishna) while he was very much in the city? And the talk about his father floating new political party?

Keeping all these aside, go back to the teaser of this film that sees NTR sending out some signals to his arch rivals and even warning his critics by uttering the dialogue, “Evadu Padithe Vadu… Buddodu  Buddodu anthe… Guddalooda Deesi Kodatha… Ala Pilavalanthe oka arhatundali leda na abhimaani ayyundali.”

Considering his future political ambitions and showbiz career, experts say that this is the right time for NTR to open about his mind. And yes, the people of the state have right to know what he thinks about the ongoing issues as he is not just a star but also a political campaigner. While there is strong buzz that he has been sidelined from party and family! Also, people who are observing NTR from close quarters confirming us that NTR is going to make sensational comments or at least going to give people a hint on future plans. Watch this space for more updates!