Will Nani be Invited by Naidu

Posted : July 3, 2013 at 5:13 pm IST by ManaTelugu
There are reports that TDP MLA Kodali Nani who had later joined YSRCP and got disqualified as an MLA is recently is sulking at the top leadership of YSR Congress. Sources say that just like other leaders of Jagan’s party who are coming out realizing their folly, even Nani has expressed his anguish that the party gives tremendous support only till they come out of their parent parties and after a while they take them for granted.

With uncertainty surrounding Jagan’s release, sources now say that a majority of leaders who have jumped the fence are literally worried about the future. Having lost the privilige of MLA, they no longer command the respect in their constituencies and are  also facing the anger of the party cadres for ditching them and are also having no say in the development related works of their constituency.

But with reports that CM Kiran had sidelined him even after trying to move closer to Congress, it has to be seen whether Nani will approach Naidu, whom he had foul mouthed after leaving the party. Will Naidu accept him again and also mend fences automatically with Junior NTR or it has to be seen whether Naidu will be enjoying the moment of the end of NTR’s protégé Nani’s political career?