Will Mahesh (18Cr) And Sreenu (12Cr) Pay Back?

Posted : September 25, 2014 at 12:39 am IST by ManaTelugu


Mahesh Babu’s latest offing ‘Aagadu’, directed by Sreenu Vaitla, isn’t travelling towards safe shores as we look at the trade charts. And this led to a strong debate that soaring remunerations of heroes and directors should compensate the distributors who lost bets after investing a bomb on these flicks. In that case, Superstar Mahesh who charged a staggering 18 crores; after pocketing 12 crores, director Sreenu should get ready to pay for the losses. This is what Telugu Film Distributors Association is thinking at the moment. 

Placing a resolution that demands heroes and directors to pay the money back, TFDA is hit a chord at the scheduled AP Film Chamber of Commerce meeting today. As heroes and directors are commanding high salaries, it is they who should compensate when a film ends up as a disaster, says TFDA secretary Veerunaidu. ‘We can bear losses upto 20 percent. But films like Sikander and Rabhasa has eaten up 75-65% of our cash. Now, Aagadu is looking like it will cost us a bomb’, he added. ‘We want to recover our losses from director and hero as they get a fat pay check’.

For ‘Aagadu’ reports have that the budget escalated to 65 crores, as hero and director charged 30 crores collectively. As the collections have turned drastic rather breaking records, distributors are in a tight spot now. While Producer Dil Raju stayed mum to comment on this resolution, another distributor Sunil Narang stated that it is director who is solely responsible for a film’s loss. We have to see what the APFCC will concluded today.Back#sthash.ZhRld25U.dpuf