Will They ‘Impact’ Spyder From Chennai?

Posted : September 23, 2017 at 5:09 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Clash of two big films is nothing short of a war. Big monies are involved and so are the ego clashes of all those involved in the production, not to forget the fans. And when it is a war, there are bound to be strategies for having an upper hand.
It is known that Jai Lava Kusa and Spyder will be clashing at the box-office this Dassera season. The fact that JLK released 1 week in advance will work in favour of the film. However, the fact that Spyder releases a week later, is a disadvantage.

Well, if Spyder gets bad reviews, then well and fine. But what if Spyder turns out to be a success and if it gets good talk? Then the strategists need to at least create a buzz about Spyder being bad.So, that is the latest talk in the industry now. Apparently, a ‘few’ hit upon a similar thought and went about a discreet plan.Spyder is releasing in Telugu and Tamil versions. But it has been a trend of sorts that whenever a bilingual releases, if the Telugu version is well-received, then it gets bad reviews in Tamil and vice versa.

One example is Surya’s 24. While the film failed in Tamil, it had a good run in Telugu. Also, both the audiences have different tastes and Tamil audiences do not patronize Telugu heroes.According to industry grapevine, the so-called ‘strategists’ have decided to make use of these differences.It is being said that they conceived a plan to spread rumours about Spyder from Chennai. For the same, some ‘important’ people were flown in from Chennai and ‘felicitated’ here.

If one looks at it, there is no need for these ‘important’ people to come to Hyderabad. There was no Tamil film lined up for release at the time. Still they flew in and met these people.And it is through these people that the dirty game will be played. If Spyder gets a divided talk, then these people will do the rest of the job from Chennai.Well, industry is a place of gossip. However, while some stories emerge without fire, some stories have both smoke and fire.