Will films survive with out special songs?

Posted : March 6, 2013 at 8:13 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Long time back film industry turned commercial and with that the differentiation between heroines and vamps vanished. From then on heroines used to star in item numbers thus helping film makers do away with item girls. There are lots and lots of item songs and as the word item looked mass, they coined a new word, special song. However right after Delhi rape incident, all guns are trained on heroines and their special songs and some NGOs even filing cases against heroines. But one wonder whether atrocities against women stop if one do away with special songs?

That is another topic to discuss but now that censor board decided to award A certificate to films with special songs,one thing is whether film makers budge and do away with special songs or family or movie lovers stop watching A certificate films? A question arises, whether any film can survive with out special numbers. One can not forget the impact generated by the songs like — Kevvu Keka (Gabbar Singh), Bangaru Kodi Petta (first in Gharana Mogudu and now in Magadheera), Ringa Ringa (Arya 2) Ippatikinka Na Vayasu (Pokiri), Aa Ante Amalapuram (Arya)… the list goes on.

People especially masses on whom film industry is thriving will surely stay away from films if they don’t contain item numbers. They get the desired kick with gang of men amorously latching at the item girl . The hot sizzling and seductive movements not that even foreign babes gyrating to the music is something they love. Thanks to director K Raghavedra Rao, throwing fruits, marbles, flowers and even birds on the heroine’s navel, even as the camera pans into the spot in slow motion, has become a benchmark of aesthetic erotica on screen. Little wonder then that we have songs where actresses’ body parts are compared to everything from fruits, spicy non-vegetarian dishes like kodi pulusu, chepala pulusu and all sorts of nonsensical words like lapaki, kasakku used to cat-call the lady in question.

Unless until sea change comes in the mindset of film makers and movie lovers nothing will change.