Will Congress be able to grant Telangana?

Posted : December 20, 2013 at 7:55 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Congress has intimated its decision to divide the state to its rival BJP first, than any one of its own members, which is an unusual for Congress. It is because that it badly needs BJP support to pass the T-bill in Parliament. At that moment, BJP was also quite happily agreed to extend its full support it. If everything goes smooth it is well and good for Congress party. But, what if BJP retracts from its stand after the bill is submitted in the Parliament? If, the bill is defeated in the Parliament, then the UPA government has to step down from the government owing for its failure. So, Congress has to think twice before presenting the bill into Parliament.

However, the way Congress spearheads with bill until now brings it to a point-of-no-return. If, it back steps on the bill, then it not only wiped out in Telangana but also may lose its party cadres. Congress, which is gambling on bifurcation putting its Seemandhra division at stake, at no cost can afford to put its T-division also at stake. So, it should have a game plan to check-mate BJP, bailout itself and its party in Telangana, even when BJP drops the cards in the last minute.

Probably, that is why Congress is now playing its last cards to bailout from all these problems. If, it could prolong the process until budget sessions in February, even if the bill is defeated in the house and government collapses, it can escape with less damage. Moreover, it can blame BJP for not co-operating with it for Telangana state creation. At the same time, it can protect and also boost the spirits of its leaders in Telangana. It can also boldly ask for votes wearing sacrificial mask.

Since, elections schedule will be announced in the 1st week of March, it can move into that process with great ease. Even after losing the confidence of the Parliament due to lack of support to its bill, still it can cling to power as President may ask it to run the interim government until elections are over. Probably, this is why Home Minister Shinde has declared yesterday that T-bill will be presented in next sessions of Parliament, but not in special sessions. Looks like several birds for one shot? Yeah that is Congress talent.