Will Cong fooling KCR work?

Posted : September 26, 2012 at 9:28 am IST by ManaTelugu
KCR who has been hoping hope against hope that Cong will buckle under the T-Pressure he created with the help of his colleagues Cong MPs from Telananga was once again taken for a ride for by Cong High Command and Sonia Gandhi who fooled him to the core by not coming with road map for the formation of separate state of Telangana.
It came as severe jolt for KCR who camped in Delhi for more than 20 days totally brining down his telangana temper and rethoric even when preparations are in full swing for the proposed telangana protest march on 30th. When KCR expected that after the CWC meet, Cong would come with some sort of announcement, Vayalar Ravi who came after the meet stunned all including KCR asking where is telangana and what it means? He said the core committee did not find time to discuss silly issue such as telangana thus dashing the hopes of KCR and his grand merger plans.

If Cong thinks that by engaging KCR in talks calling him down to Delhi so that cutting his contacts with Hyd T march then it succeeded in its mission to the full extent. But it has to be seen whether disengaging KCR from Kodandaram and his TJAC will yield the results and calm down tempers in the run up for the march. It is a known fact that had KCR been in Hyd during these days he would have heightened the tempers in the region which is not the case now.

It has to be how ever seen whether Cong fooling of KCR will work for the party in the longer run.