Will Akkineni family repeat Ghattamaneni family history?

Posted : October 5, 2013 at 8:11 am IST by ManaTelugu

Tollywood is filled with a good number of film families and two among them are the Ghattamaneni family and the Akkineni family. In a way, the Akkineni family is more famous due to its vast presence. But now some are wondering if this family will repeat the history of Ghattamaneni family regarding their family heroes.

Many years ago, superstar Krishna introduced his son Ramesh Babu as the hero but despite his best efforts, Ramesh Babu could not shine as a hero. But within no time, Mahesh Babu emerged and he overtook Ramesh. Today, he is a superstar. Now, a similar situation is being anticipated in the Akkineni family.

The time is fast approaching for Akkineni Akhil to make his debut and many in the filmnagar circles are stating that once he makes his debut, he has full potential to overtake step brother Naga Chaitanya and reach stardom. If that happens then history will have repeated or we have to see if Naga Chaitanya can keep ahead of Akhil.