Why young and newcomers failing on silver screen?

Posted : September 25, 2012 at 10:06 am IST by ManaTelugu
Tollywood is witness to many young and talented new comers making their debut in many small budget films but most of them fail to impress movie lovers in totality. This is a fact not only with new comers who don’t have any film background but also with debutants who have sufficient support in the film industry. When Sekhar Kammula introduced many faces in his superhit ‘Happy Days’ except for Tamanna no one caught the imagination of others from their next films. Similar is the case of young heroes like Tarak, Nitin, Varun Sandesh, Nikhil and many more. Till recently Nitin created a record of sorts with a string of 13 flops and only ‘Ishq’ changed his fortunes a bit. MS.Raju’s son Sumanth Ashwin made his debut with ‘Tooneega Tooneega’ but failed to impress anyone.
Many are left to wonder what was wrong with these youngsters who come to films after undergoing intense training in film schools unlike in olden days. Film critics say that instead of following their own style of acting and performing accordingly, they try to follow their favorite heroes to create an impact on movie lovers forgetting the fact that if they want to watch their favorite heroes, movie lovers prefer to watch originals and not their carbon copies or clones.
They even highlight the point that though they have undertaken training in film schools they lack basic skills in voice modulation and dialogue delivery. Unless they improve upon these skills it would be difficult to shine in the industry making an impact.