Why Siddharth Agreed To Do In ‘Baadshah’?

Posted : April 10, 2013 at 6:21 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The latest release �Baadshah� has been doing very well across different centres and though it didn�t get extraordinary response it has enough to get into the success zone. Meanwhile, those who watched the film are raising one question that Why Siddharth agreed to do the two minute cameo in �Baadshah� where none of heroes agrees o do cameos in their competitor�s films. 
Well, some of the cine folks give their understanding. They mention that maybe Siddharth was targeting to establish some friendly relations with producer Bandla Ganesh.  If he says no then negative publicity will start making rounds that Sidd has got arrogance and headweight which would be quite damaging. But now that he has done that allegation is not there. Some might worry why a hero like Sidd did a small role. 
Well, Siddharth reportedly felt it is ok to do it. Who knows it might give a chance to impress Bandla Ganesh and he might produce a film with Sidd as hero. What would the real thing its only Sidd knows. Lets us keep cross our fingers until Sidd opens his mouth.