Why no cutout of Chiru at Atharintiki Daredi Audio launch

Posted : July 20, 2013 at 2:19 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Power Star Pawan Kalyan POWER is mega star Chiranjeevi and even Pawan will accept this FACT any day. At many public events Pawan openly said his inspiration is Chiru and all the name-fame which he got today is only bcoz of Chiru & mega fans.

Then why there is no cut of Chiru or any mega hero at the venue of Atharintiki Daredi audio launch event was a million dollar questions in everyone’s mind.  This act has given change to many rumor mills to speed up gossips about increasing distance between Chiru-Pawan and mega family.

When our sources enquired into this matter of cutoff at AD audio launch we got few interesting info. Initially there was lot of doubt till last minute that even Pawan may not attend the AD event and even anchor Suma did not hear news about anchoring for AD till 6pm. With this and many confusion Shriyas Media organizers of AD music release function could arrange only Pawan’s cutouts at the event.

All is fine between mega brothers Chiru-Nagababu-Pawan and no-one or any miscommunications will split them from each other is the bottom line from mega camp.