Why golden year is remembered

Posted : September 30, 2012 at 11:56 am IST by ManaTelugu
Now a days leading regional dailies are carrying out features remembering golden hits when the film completed 30-50 or 50yrs. Many may wonder why they are carrying those articles but those who are wellversed with tollywood film industry feel that except for remembering those golden hits and savoring those beautiful story lines tollywood has nothing new to offer as present film makers are hell bent on bombarding silver screens with stale and monotonous mass entertainers.
So movie lovers who crave for variety films cannot but remember ANR’s ‘Meghasandesam’ turning superhit 30yrs and so on. During the same time NTR’s ‘Bobbili Puli’ roared to success and during that year when 90 films were released more than 25 films are still remembered. This means 25% of the films released 30yrs back in the year 1982 are superhits. Though not all turned out to be hit like ‘Meghasandesam’ or ‘Subhalekha’ many are remembered for their beautiful scripts.
Just before his political entry NTR’s Anuraga Devata and Naa Desam came in that year only. Similarly Megastar Chiranjeevi’s memorable hits Manchu Pallaki(Vamsi), Intlo Ramayya Veedhilo Krishnayya (Kodi Ramakrishna), Subhalekha (K.Viswanth) came in 82. Even Nutan Prasad created sensation with his dialogue ‘Desam Klishta Paristhitulalo Undi’ in the film ‘Patnam Vachina Pativratalu’ (Vijaya Bapineedu) released. Raghavendra Rao came with ‘Devata’, ‘Trisulam’,.’Justice Chowdhary’ and even revolutionary films like ‘Ee Charitra e Sirato’,’Maro Malupu(Mejolla Satyanarayana) struck note with movie lovers. Villain Mohan Babu turned hero with ‘Pratigna’, ‘Gruhapravesam’ and even Krishna’s high budget mythological film ‘Ekalavya’ by MS.Reddy and political entertainer ‘eenadu’ entertained people in 82. Similar is Jandhyala’s Nalugu Stambhalata.
Genex film makers slow poisoned movie lovers with mass films and now when films like Vedam’, “onamalu’ and ‘Naanna’ fail they blame them. It is for film makers to slowly change the taste of movie lovers by slowly changing their scripts including healthy comedy and making family entertainers oe else Tollywood will only be left with remembering golden hits.