Why don’t T-Reps learn from Seemandhra?

Posted : October 12, 2012 at 8:25 am IST by ManaTelugu
Those who have been watching the fight for separate statehood for telangana region wonder why telangana representatives from various parties forget their differences and fight in united manner for the cause of telangana. People from the region have been watching them fight between themselves, hurl abuses at different parties and sport a divided front in front of Union Govt and their counter parts. They have formed different organizations apart from various political parties and each have their own agenda. While TRS and KCR will fight on its own way forcing byelections and increasing its tally by targeting only TDP, Kodandaram of TJAC will try to increase his support base coming out of the clutches of TRS.Congress T-MPs will fight its own T MLAs and MLCs while BJP fight in its own way. TDP follows its two eyed policy.
This was in complete contrast to seemandhra representatives who happen to be T-reps favorite punching bag. The moment mid night statement on telangana came out, they sported a united front and without any second thoughts sent in resignation papers to speaker unlike telangana reps who sent it to their delhi bosses or their respective party leaders. This showed that they are not interested in achieving telangana but want only political mileage. Atleast now rather than hurling abuses at seemandhra counterparts better take a leaf or two on how to fight for telangana.