Why Bharathi is sidelined/ jagan don’t want to be Nadhra Laloo

Posted : October 12, 2012 at 7:40 am IST by ManaTelugu
There are many stories going around in media aboyt why Jagan is sidelining his wife by not handing over key responsibilities, posts in YSRCP. Till now he has handed all the key responsibilities to either his mother Vijayammja or to his sister Sharmila. Though YSRCP leaders say that since Bharathi is busy looking after the functioning of YS.Jagan’s companies, political analysts feel ,that this is leading to power war in YSRCP. They feel when Jagan alone was handling party activities and functioning, he used to be the single point of contact for any problem for any leader or party cadre. However once Jagan went to jail there are already two power centeres Viajayamma and Sharmila and one wonder even Bharati’s power center may be secretely operating. To the top of it even small leaders have their own power centers.
Jagan doesn’t want to have too many power centers and as such he do not want to give an opportunity to opponents by handing over any party responsibilities to his wife Bharati, for the fear of getting branded as ‘Andhra Laloo’. It is known that former Bihar CM Laloo Prasad Yadav gained popularity by making his wife Rabdri Devi as rubber stamp CM of Bihar.