Who Leaked Hansika’s Pub Tales?

Posted : August 16, 2013 at 6:16 am IST by ManaTelugu

Once their affair became public, tamil  hero Simbu and milky textured siren Hansika Motwani are going wild at bars and restraints. The other day some intimate pictures of the couple made to internet and guess, who has leaked them.

Some photos featuring Hansika and Simbu embracing each other tightly are now circulated widely on internet. Many people are wondering why the couple is posing so wildly even before they actually tie the knot. The pictures are speaking how strong cupid has struck them during their late night sessions at a posh pub in Chennai. Friends of the couple are now venting fumes at the persons who have leaked the pictures to media. But yes, who leaked those pictures anyway?

Even before making their relation public, Hansika and Simbu moved close with each other and never got caught on a cam. Do these latest pictures look intentional then? Some say that Hansika’s very own PR agency has leaked those pictures to public such that Simbu will think twice if at all he wants to ditch the apple pie siren. Let Hansika tell the truth!