When Drunkards suffered due to odd decisions?

Posted : February 26, 2013 at 3:29 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Drunkards always have field day 24/7 thanks to wine shops every nook and corner of the state. They are aware that only during national holidays, elections and special days the shops will be closed. They are aware of the timings that till 10PM shops will be open for them. However on Feb 17th to the shock of many, they found closed wine shops at evening 5 PM itself though there no special occasion associated with it.

Everyone is aware that on that day lot n number of marriages occured and to entertain themseleves in the evening when people queued for bars, much to their disappointment they were closed. Their mind suddenly turned blank even without having a sip of drink.

Later they found out that DGP Dinesh Reddy attended a marriage at a hotel situated at Uppal LB Nagar high way which resulted in police acting in highhanded manner to get into the good books of their boss.