When Deeksha defeated Tamanna ?

Posted : September 29, 2012 at 7:40 am IST by ManaTelugu
Currently milky beauty Tamanna is the shining star in Indian cinema. She set tollywood and south on fire and is currently setting her sights on Bollywood. She is making her debut in the remake of Himmatwala and already many top heroes are sending feelers expressing their wish to romance her.
This ‘Happy Days’ hottie decided to step up glamor gas from Badrinath in which she gave a delicious treat opposite Allu Arjun. More recently she did the same to Mega Power Star Ram Charan and created Racha at box office. Her film ‘Rebel’ hit the screens yesterday and people who watched the film couldn’t stop but rave about Tammu’s hot glamor. She drove people mad knocking their minds out and many expect in the coming days masses will throng theaters to enjoy the slim waist and sexy curves of the milky beauty.
However in the midst of all this tall Delhi damsel Deeksha Seth who is craving for a decent hit defeated Tamanna. It may look strange but she shocked all by defeating Tamanna with the melodiously tuned sentimentally loaded beautiful song ‘Deepali’ in ‘Rebel’ filmed on her and Prabhas along with orphans. The song moved many hearts and inspite of all the glamor treat doled out by Tamanna, Deeksha emerged winner.