What is this Eroticism Anjali?

Posted : July 7, 2013 at 4:49 pm IST by ManaTelugu
There is a lot of difference between remaining as a performer and remaining as a glam doll in film circuit. Of course, a mix of glam and performance will only result in big innings for any actress. After crossing all the apprehensions on sticking to a family heroine image, finally anjali of ‘SVSC’ fame has decided to go boldest. The Telugu girl might have such hot image in Kollywood during her early stages of career but for Telugu audience, she is the synonym of Pure Telugu Talent.

Thanks to ‘Singham of Suriya which made her item and now Raviteja’s ‘Balupu’ success meet has opened the new side of anjali. The way she dressed up in revealing costumes and deliberate erotic oozing poses to cameras made audience to rate anjali as just one more sexy babe who is ready to do anything for publicity. Why is she going to such extremity is the question answerable only by anjali!