What Is Naughty Charmi Kissing?

Posted : August 6, 2014 at 4:20 pm IST by ManaTelugu

charmee naughty kiss

Lesser work made Hyderabad’s busty temptress Charmi Kaur spend ample time on rejuvenating herself. She is often seen relaxing at various hangout destinations and sharing those pictures on her twitter accounts. And some pictures speak more than what they are meant for.

Seen kissing a goblet of glass filled with some red-drink and laced with chilling ice cubes, Charmi has sent ripples with this share. Hit straight with the picture, many started wondering about the drink our hot lady is having. It looks more like a juice of sorts, not a regular cola or that naughty stuff you’re thinking already.

But why would Charmi take that in a goblet and raise it all the way to kiss it? Vibrant environment around her suggest that she is standing by the pool, draped in a bikini tied on the nape of neck. And the focus is all on those pouted lips and the drink inside. Any guesses?