What happens if maverick director and actor team?

Posted : October 11, 2012 at 8:39 am IST by ManaTelugu
Tollywood has seen many star directors and actors but no one will gain immense attention for their acts like maverick director Ram Gopal Varma and even more maverick actor Posani Krishna Murali. Both are popular for their antics and movie lovers can not forget their movies in their life time. Ram Gopal Varma started off well with films like Shiva, Rangeela, Ananganaga O Roju etc but suddenly he started highlighting gory scenes in his ghost films to scare people or to glorify underworld acts with films like Company, Corporate and is now coming with Bhoot Returns and is dabbling with terrorism in ’26-11 Mumbai attacks’.
Posani Krishna Murali is no way inferior to Ram Gopal Varma and though he doesn’t enjoy the stature of RGV he made films like ‘operation Duryodhana’ and then knocked the living day lights out of many movie lovers with ‘Mental Krishna’. He is coming once again with a sequel for Operation Duryodhana titled Operation Dussasana.
One gets a wild dream what will happen if both these mavericks meet, come together and team with a film. Many feel that the film would be a sure Oscar winner as two minuses turn out to be positive. Some section feels that their film will scare away people so much that theatre owners will close all their theaters and everyone forget about the word movie from their memory.