What can KK sacrifice?

Posted : January 30, 2013 at 1:05 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Former MP K Keshava Rao keeps saying that he would sacrifice everything for Telangana.

But what has he, to sacrifice?

KK is former of several positions. He doesn’t have anything now to sacrifice. One congress leader jokingly said KK’s offer of sacrifice was like a bald-headed person offering his hair to Lord Venkateswara.

KK as he is popularly known was a journalist. But by wearing Khadi and hanging around Gandhi Bhavan, headquarters of the state Congress, he convinced that he was a staunch Congress man. By growing a beard and speaking English, he also convinced the Congress leaders that he was an intellectual. He never won any election in his life. He once got elected to the legislative council from the Graduates constituency. He won because all the journalists helped him as they were happy that one among them was at least going to the upper house. Other than that he never faced any direct election.

Still by hanging around the Congress lobbies, he could slowly come up the Congress echelons. He became the PCC president. He was later made the CWC member and Rajya Sabha member.

But KK threw away all that he gained through careful planning, by his lose tongue. While other MPs had been very cautious in their approach towards Telangana, KK recklessly talked about a war with the Congress High Command despite being member of the CWC, the highest policy making body of Congress. He lost his goodwill with the Congress High Command and Sonia Gandhi. The High Command chose not to re-nominate him for the upper house of parliament. Now he doesn’t have any position worth mentioning. Still he keeps saying that he would sacrifice everything for Telangana.

Observers say that KK also has a scheme behind this. He is trying to get closer to the TRS and KCR. He would leave Congress soon with other MPs and join the TRS. By doing so, he would stand a chance of getting TRS ticket either for the Assembly or the Parliament. As he can speak English, it is likely that he might get Lok Sabha ticket. As TRS is likely to sweep elections in the Telangana region, KK also might get elected in that wave. If he wins, it would be KK’s first ever direct election victory.