Vishnu settling old scores

Posted : October 1, 2012 at 8:19 am IST by ManaTelugu
Khairatabad MLA Vishnu Vardhan Reddy who used to be calm till recently suddenly turned aggressive during telangana march yesterday showing his true colors. Eveyone mostly educated people of Hyderabad was stunned when he gave a call asking telangana protesters to stall international summit on Biodiversity. This gets a feeling that he is trying to settle old scores with his rivals in the Cong party and even CM Kiran Kumar Reddy. One wonder if he want protestors to stall biodiversity summit then why should he participate in promotional ads asking people to support bidodiversity. This shows his double standards and to gain attention he is using his late fater P.Janardhan Reddy’s name saying he is just following the dream of his father.
But many feel he is trying to gain optimum political mileage on the whole telangana issue as his sister is gaining importance in the constituency after joining YSRCP. More recently his sister had darshan of Khairatabad Ganesh along with Vijayamma. Some others feel that he is just playing to the gallery just like other politicians who shout at the roof tops in front of public raising mob frenzy but conveniently forget the issue in couple of days.