VIPs scared after Dharmana son�s sex scandal

Posted : March 31, 2013 at 2:29 pm IST by ManaTelugu

VIPs in Srikakulam district are scared after the alleged sex scandal involving several VIPs including minister Dharmana Prasada Rao�s son Ram Manohar Naidu surfaced. Sensation was created in the political circles when a gang of five members was arrested for filming the sexual activities of some prominent leaders and rich persons including those of Ram Manohar Naidu and black mailing them.
The gang stunned every one by getting a sample video of a political leader released through their aides, even after their arrest. This sample video is a threat to other leaders including Ram Manohar Naidu, to bring them out or face the consequences, observers feel. With the release of this CD into the market, several leaders are spending sleepless nights say sources.
Police arrested Sekhar, Jilani, Ravindra, Chandrasekhar alias Gabbar and Srinivasa Rao for blackmailing rich people in the district through sex tapes. It is learnt that Sekhar worked as the assistant of minister Dharmana�s son Ram Manohar Naidu. There are several charges against Sekhar and his henchmen. Opposition leaders have been persistently charging that it was the minister�s son that was behind the illegal activities of all these gang members. However, the musclemen who were groomed by the minister�s son now targeted him.
Sekhar recently left the service of Ram Manohar Naidu and immediately trailed his guns at him. It is being alleged by news channels that the minister�s son had all the vices and Sekhar was the main supplier. While providing the young leader what he wanted, Sekhar secretly captured visuals of all his activities in his camera, said reports. It is learnt that Sekhar and his gang also captured the sensuous visuals of a star hotel owner and blackmailed him. Some media reports said they collected Rs. 3 lakhs from the hotelier and still released his CD, when he refused to keep paying. The blackmailers allegedly collected crores of rupees from several victims. However, when they kept asking for more, the victims went to the police. Acting swiftly, police arrested the five members. But even the police were stunned when a raunchy CD of a leader was released even after they pushed all the five behind the bars. Suspecting that there could be more members of the gang outside, police are searching for the rest.
Now it is being suspected even the leaders are trying to hush up the case and pardon the blackmailers, so that their own secrets would be safe.