Violence at what Cost

Posted : September 29, 2012 at 7:21 am IST by ManaTelugu
Whenever any protest, bandhs and rastarokos happen they will invariably lead to violence. The organizers promise and even give an undertaking to the law authorities that they wont be indulging in violence but once the protests , processions and marches starts then intentionally and unintentionally violence erupts. Some may be due to irresponsible statements by politicians who vitiate the atmosphere leading to violence.
Telangana march is on 30th September and as usual organizers promised peaceful march while Govt who was hellbent on not giving permission, finally relented to pressure. Already statements are coming from all quarters that if they are stopped at any place there would be violence. One still cannot forget damage of statues of greats at Tank Bund during million march and many fear the repeat of the same.
One wonders why protesters indulge in violence and question ‘violence at what cost?’ Govt taking refuge in violence and incidents in the protests, conveniently increase prices of all essential commodities, increase bus and auto fares and what not. Protesters should introspect themselves and before indulging in any violence they should think about what they want. Increase in prices of all and burden people with taxes? If this is so then they can break, loot, fire and go on rampage pelting stones and then demand for withdrawal of cases taking refuge in telangana sentiment.