Vikram film for 30 crores?

Posted : August 27, 2014 at 3:21 am IST by ManaTelugu


Tamil producer Ascar Ravichandran should be out of his mind, when he reportedly quoted Rs. 30 for Telugu dubbing rights for “Manoharudu” (Ai in Tamil) and leaving Telugu producer Shobha of SVR productions who released dubbed films of Surya and Vijay, dumbfounded. Doesn’t he know, that Tamil star Vikram eroded his fan base among Telugu film buffs after a series of duds like “Maaza”, “Raavan” and lost his space to his colleagues like Surya and Karthi. And also the price he is quoting is unprecedented because it even surpasses Rajni’s 22 crore
for Robot, considering the stupendous fan following of Tamil superstar among Telugu’s. 

Except for director Shankar who has expanded his base to Andhra and Telangana, which his lavish productions with superstars and has definitely draw openings on the strength of his name, but still 30 crores, is surely, would be a risky proposition. Tamil producer should do his home work better, or he will be left with no produers for Telugu dubbing rights, until he scales down to reasonable rate.