Vijayamma’s Vijayawada gamble?

Posted : August 15, 2013 at 8:17 am IST by ManaTelugu

YSRCP Honorary President Vijayamma is all set to launch her indefinite strike in support of United AP in Vijayawada in just few more days. With this, Vijayamma reportedly hopes to turn the tide against state divisions in her favour and yes, her son’s rise again from the oblivion.

Vijayawada is considered the most politically conscious city in the state and it is noteworthy that she has chosen this place for revving the party with a plan to see that YSRCP emerges at the top as and when the new state of Andhra Pradesh including Rayalaseema and Andhra is granted.
But it has been only a month since the party had dumped its Telangana leaders in a sudden move and in contrast against the party’s touted values of credibility. Even if it suddenly takes up United Andhra Pradesh again, will people trust the party.