Vijayamma reveals Neelam secret

Posted : November 8, 2012 at 5:51 am IST by ManaTelugu
Recently Neelam cyclone wrecked havoc in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh displacing many from their houses and livelihood. While people are still trying to get back to terms of hard reality and Govt as usual slow on providing help and relief measures, opposition leaders Vijayamma and Chandra Babu Naidu hit roads and are consoling people who lost everything. In the process they hope to get some good marks in their hearts. All this happening while CM Kiran was busy in Delhi while Botsa enjoying at his daughter’s big fat wedding.
YSRCP leader Vijayamma while consoling the people who lost their livelihood at Rajoulu and inspecting the paddy fields that were washed by Neelam Cyclone, unlocked the secret behind the cyclone. She said it was only due to Cong and TDP’s unholy collusion that Andhra Pradesh state people are suffering with natural calamities like Neelam.She said she will not leave till farmers get Rs 15k compensation for the paddy loss from Govt.
Many people and political analysts feel that Vijayamma’s comments show her political immaturity in handling situations in calm and composed manner. They feel that these kind of statements would boomerang on her as even during YSR regime state experienced many cyclones and droughts.