Viewers want – Content or Collections?

Posted : September 20, 2014 at 6:11 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Fans of superstars like to boost about box office collections for the films of respective stars and even few journalists follow it, but do really movie lovers care for collections figures or do they watch a film on the basis of content? If viewers don’t follow collections, why do producers and stars reel out figures in the first week of release as highest fist day opening collections or topper in weekend collections and finally announce industry record. (probably they don’t the exact meaning of industry hit).

“Heavy crowds on the first few days mostly comprises of fans and masses but regular audience and family audience step out only, if they are sure of content and confident that it would be paisaa vasool. As they have to spend Rs. 1000 for a outing and they rely on mouth-publicity from a friend or colleague and don’t go by tom toming of record breaking collections advertised by producers. Without family audience a film can’t be be a blockbuster, so it better to churn good content than fooling a viewer with fudged up figures. Some small films, even without over the top publicity are drawing viewers with their entertaining content” says a distributor. It seems that, he has a point?