VH speaks about ‘Duplicate Diary’

Posted : September 12, 2012 at 6:46 am IST by ManaTelugu
V.Hanumantha Rao who is on a mission to ‘Save Cong’ seems to be waging a lone battle. Though he made many representations to various top notch leaders in Cong high Command and even to Sonia Gandhi, asking them not to attend the launch of YSR diary organized by KVP.Ramachandra Rao, none heeded his advice. Infact all chose to attend the meet and turned it a grand success. In spite of the failure of his mission VH as he is lovingly called chose not to leave abandon his mission.
He chose to attack KVP saying the YSR diary launched by KVP is a fake and ‘Duplicate Diary’. He says KVP misled the facts and revealed that KVP sent one copy to him also but vowed not to study the ‘Duplicate Diary’. He said KVP took Cong High Command and Sonia Gandhi for a ride and alleged that KVP created an impression that YSR wrote a diary during his ‘Padayatra’ though he never wrote one. He requested High Command to rethink on important stature accorded to KVP. It has to be seen who in Cong high command will heed to VH. Many feel that VH’s clout with Cong high command is on decline though he is a AICC leader and RS MP.