‘Ventruka’ Taking Revenge On Charan

Posted : September 10, 2013 at 7:48 am IST by ManaTelugu

After waiting eagerly for months, finally some people got a chance for their vengeance and the flop show ‘Thoofan’ provided the good platform. Their blasting reached 5th day like Seemandhra and Telangana protests and yet they are to cool down.

 Reportedly Mega Powerstar Ram Charan has called some media houses as ‘Ventruka’ for the kind of stories they are airing about Mega family. Apparently a couple of media houses took these comments personally and waited for almost 9 months to execute their revenge plan. With Thoofan meeting a disastrous fate, some media houses took day by day phase wise attack on Charan. They say that Charan blasted media people, journos and others in Thoofan, and that is the cause for poor ratings given to the film by National media. But in reality, national media just spoke for one day about Thoofan, but local media is attacking from last five days as part of their revenge drama.

Though some top media houses rated Charan well, our local media haven’t touched them as they want to popularize only negative reviews and critical opinions on Charan. Even after five days after release of Thoofan, these media houses haven’t stopped blasting the young mega hero. Seems like, they are still unsatisfied as Charan is remaining immovable with their revenge-attack. Anyway, Ventruka dialogue remained memorable for both Mega fans and media houses.