Varun Sandesh in a fresh scandal!

Posted : July 13, 2013 at 2:25 pm IST by ManaTelugu
After being in news for wrong reasons such as sexual harassment allegations from co-star Komal Jha, dumping his former girl friend-actress Shraddha Das, young Tollywood actor Varun Sandesh was caught in yet another such scandal. Unlike previous times, Varun had to face severe circumstances this time. Interestingly, the latest was happened far away from our country, Bangkok, during the shooting of Manchu’s multi-starrer family.

According to a leading tabloid, Varun went to a party at a restaurant in Bangkok after the shoot and he was apparently tipsy. The story is that he brushed a local Bangkok girl in meantime at the restaurant and that’s the reason for chaos. It created huge ruckus and soon it turned into a big fight and within minutes a large hostile crowd gathered around him and punched Varun continuously. A crew member of the film who saw the brawl rushed to Manchu Manoj and informed him about the bash up and soon Manchus entered the scene. The buzz is that Varun bashed up with none other than a local mafia people in Bangkok. Finally, cops came in and controlled the scene and whisked away Varun to a nearby hotel.

Though, the whole scene sounds like a filmy style, the fact remains that our heroes think and assume they’re heroes in real life as well. The ground reality is that they’re zeroes! Moreover, point to be noted is one should be extra-cautious during visit to foreign locales and should remember that it’s not India to get over anything they had done. Varun Sandesh. who faced a few punches from local people, might have already experienced it.  At least now, it’s time for other heroes and actors to learn from this incident. And irrespective of country, place one should respect the fellow people and citizens.