Posted : February 15, 2013 at 2:52 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Every year we go through the farce of what is popularly called Lover’s Day. Boys and girls gather in droves at Necklace and other rendezvous points to exchange flowers, greetings, etc. It is claimed that these meetings sometimes degenerate into unhealthy scenes.

The questions is : Boys and Girls have terrible freedom nowadays and they either with parental permission or hoodwinking the parents, move very freely with each other. The spate of acid attacks and suicides of these youngsters is believed to be a result of their utilising the freedom very fully, and when the girl draws a line the  boy, out of frustration either wants to punish her and pours acid etc, or if he is a weakling, commits suicide.

When they have so much freedom and mingle without let or hindrance, as they please, why this Lovers’ Day?The Day was appropriate when the younsters did not  have the freedom which they grab and enjoy now.

The Bajrang Dal VHP etc want to prevent the celebration of Valentine’s Day as it is alien to or culture and they get notorious . My suggestion to them is this instead of fighting a losing battle, why not they channel their energies in a constructive way? We have Raksha Bandhan Day when every girl/lady is a sister. Why not Bajrang Dal declare the Brother’s Day and ensure that it is popularized throughout the world?