Use your mobiles to fight Jagan !

Posted : January 15, 2013 at 1:29 am IST by ManaTelugu
Nara Chandrababu has given a call to the state youth to wage a mobile war against YSR CP leader YS.Jagan. He suggested the youth to send 10 sms each agaist him. On the 150th birthday of Vivekananda, he stated that with the inspiration of Vivekananda, we all should fight against corrupted politics. In the last nine dark years of Congress rule, the lives of all sections of people were divested. We became a dark kingdom. Corruption resurrecting. Congress thieves have earned crores of rupees exploiting the citizens of the state.
In order to get a better governance, to come out of this darkness, TDP should resurrect into power and the change is in your hands, said the ex-chief minister Nara Chandra babu naidu. As part of his Padha yatra in Khammam, he talked to the public on Saturday. In that meeting he observed few youngsters talking in mobile and he instantly explained, “dear brothers, everyone has a cellphone, through which you can fight against corruption. You can send 10 SMS each against corruption.”