Upgradatio​n mess at Secunderab​ad railway station

Posted : February 17, 2013 at 4:17 pm IST by ManaTelugu
We are given to understand that the Secunderabad Railway Station is being upgraded to International Standards. We don’t know what it means but we, the travellers, are facing a lot of difficulties.As a preliminary to upgradation, the Bangalore Express which used to leave from Secunderabad now leaves from Kacheguda. At that it was announced that the track was being repaired between Secunderabad and Kacheguda, and once that was completed status quo would be restored, but this has not been

Several Expresses are bypassing Secunderabad : for instance,Kongu Express, Karnataka Sampark Kranthi Express, Akola Express etc. At this, rate, it is reasonable to believe that in course of time, Secunderabad will be a beautiful building, but there may not be any trains starting from or passing through it.The station has not escalators, At least if instead of steep flights of stairs, ramps are provided, the passengers would be grateful.