Unsensored Scenes in Nasha

Posted : July 15, 2013 at 1:44 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Sometimes we get a doubt if Censor Board is really alive to control the worst of things that often happen on silver screen. Time and again, Censor Board proves a point that it is here to cause trouble to entertainment givers but fails to control the real ‘damagers’ of culture and society.

Long back, Regional Censor Board commented that they are not going to allow item numbers in movies and almost gave a shock to Bollywood makers to not come up with sleazy numbers. Later our Tollywood’s Censor Board shocked producers by not even allowing the navel show of a heroine, either in a long shot or in a close-up. And now, the whole of country and some medias are busy talking about banning of porn sites in India. Okay, let us ask Censor Board what they are doing about this girl called Poonam Pandey who completely insulted the ‘culture’ with her cultural acts.

The pictures are a part of her latest movie ‘Nasha’ and soon the posters of it are going to be pasted all over the country. More than the porn that is watched through internet or the sleazy skin show in item numbers, these kinds of posters destroy young children and spoil their thoughts to a filth. Censor Board, open your eyes and come alive!