Unemployment in Tollywood

Posted : October 13, 2012 at 7:02 am IST by ManaTelugu
This may come as surprise as year 2012 proved to be quite successful for tollywood with different genre of films small and big raked in good collections at the box office. However a question arises whether all are happily employed in the industry. One can find many directors passing their time without any films and many more waiting for their turn to direct top heroes as they have already signed their projects.
Senior hero like Natasimha Balakrishna is not having a film in hand at present and many more stars are disappearing into the oblivion. Similar is the situation of the technical crew, cameramen, assistants, music directors etc. If some directors dared to do medium and small range films,they are experiencing the problem of theatre shortage. And also lack of funds for the promos of the films.
Tollywood is witnessing a new trend where everyone in the industry are introducing their relatives whether they are talented or not. Talented lot is not finding any opportunities as they don’t have any god fathers. Top stars, directors and even medium range heroes and directors are facing lack of projects.  Even in heroines except for Samantha, Tamanna, Kajal, Nayanatara, Tapsee others are not having any offers. While Genelia and Ileana went to Bollywood, Trisha is out of tollywood track. All this shows that directors and technicians are having shortage of films, films are having shortage of heroines and heroes have shortage of dates and stories. Only when these issues are sorted out by everyone in the industry, Tollywood will be shining from inside and don’t glitter from outwards.