Uncounsious Girls Found in Train !

Posted : March 1, 2013 at 8:44 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Railway and local police are trying to unravel the mystery of two girls found in an unconscious state in a train bound for Hyderabad from Patna.

Railway police found two girls in an unconscious state on berths 39 and 40 of an AC 3-tier compartment at Warangal on Thursday night and rushed them to a private hospital.

Railway Protection Force which registered the case found that they were traveling under false names. Though their names were shown in the reservation charge as Inayat and Jaya, police found that their real names were Sakshi Mishra and Preeti Singh. From the documents they found with the girls, police learnt that the two were from wealthy families of Patna. They suspect that one of the girls is related to a police officer and the other is the daughter of a politician. RPF immediately informed the Patna police. 

Police are trying to find why the girls were traveling with fake identities, if they were kidnapped and drugged for selling them off for immoral traffickers or if they tried to end their lives due to some problems.

Police said the two had not regained consciousness in the hospital so far. They are hoping to unravel the mystery after the girls regain consciousness. They are also hoping to get some information from the Patna police.